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About the trail

The Jerusalem Trail is a 42km walking route around Jerusalem, with end points in Sataf and Even Sapir. These two end points can easily be connected (green trail) to make the route a loop (3.5km).  The Jerusalem Trail also connects to the Israel National Trail at Sataf.

Jerusalem Trail Marker

Jerusalem Trail Marker

The trail has irregular markings (blue/gold/blue) or (white/blue/white), but over half of the route is unmarked and is difficult to navigate without detailed maps or a GPS. From Lifta to Mount Scopus, the trail is not marked at all. From Mt. Scopus to Yad Vashem, the trail has occasional markings.

Transportation is available to many locations on or near the route, and schedules can be checked at http://www.egged.com.

For more information, visit:

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